ECOSYN project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research,
technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 605740



Type: SMEp
Size: 72 employees

Role in the project: Project coordinator. Novel synergists producer and development for commercial exploitation. Patent coordinator.

ENDURA is an European SME located in Italy. It has 72 people, 12 of which work in the R&D department. ENDURA has been active in research and development for the past 14 years and has experience of participating in three national projects, one from the Italian Minister of Research and University (MIUR) and two from the Italian Minister of Industrial Development. ENDURA is experienced in the field of IP with more than 30 international patents and patent applications as well as dissemination activities with more than 10 articles related to the chemistry and mechanism of PBO. ENDURA is the owner of the patent filed in EU, USA, CN, RU, ZA, KO, MX, AU, IN, claiming the process to obtain dihydrosafrole, the precursor of PBO, allowing ENDURA to keep a predominant position in the world markets and to maintain a leadership role in synergists especially for household application.
ENDURA is experienced in chemical production of PBO (about 1000 tons/y) and other fine chemicals. ENDURA is also experienced in the legislation that is pertinent to its activity (regulatory laws and authorizations) concerning active ingredients for household application and PBO. In order to deliver on this it has a regulatory and legal team and is in contact with regulatory bodies in the EC and in USA.
ENDURA is very interested in searching and promoting novel synergists for agriculture applications. ENDURA is interested also in Public Health applications (as is Babolna Bio Ltd), but this possible conflict will be resolved in the frame of IP management, defining licence access and vice versa.
The personnel involved in the project is graduate in chemistry and in chemical engineering.
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