ECOSYN project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research,
technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 605740



Type: SMEp
Size: 161 employees
Role in the project: Laboratory trials  and professional applications with the novel synergists and insecticides. Dissemination to professional operators.

Bábolna Bio Ltd. is a SME, located in Hungary. The company is privately owned by the management and a number of its employees. Babolna Bio was established some 40 years ago and has since been the market leader in pest control services, rodenticides and environmentally safe product manufacturing and sales and is second in Public Health insecticide sales.

The company has a R&D background, having its own biological rodent and insect laboratories, while, via its pest control division, has the capacity to run field trials too.

Babolna Bio Ltd during the past decades have filed a number of patents and is also a participant of the EU Biocidal Product Directive virtue of two of its active ingredient dossiers and number of product dossiers. As a member and participant of a number of European chemical bodies and institutions (CEFIC, EBPF, RWG etc.) the company has wide experience in regulatory matters. The company has more than 150 active substance and product approvals throughout the World, including the EU, USA and Australia.

Babolna Bio Ltd is involved also in the dissemination activities addressed to professional operators.

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