ECOSYN project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research,
technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 605740


Professional course for beekepers, Bee Research Institute Dol, July 18th 2015

The professional course for beekeepers was organized on the 18 July 2015 at the Bee
Research Institute Dol. Course was focused on health issue of honeybees, where pesticides
play an important role. Thus the toxicity tests and analysis on bees are important part for
evaluation of risk assessment for beneficial insect. Beekeepers were introduced with EcoSyn
project which is focused on development of new synergists for pesticide formulation. We
were glad to explain an approach from basic research to application of new compounds in
crop protection. A special attention was get to laboratory toxicity evaluation on honeybees
and bumblebees. Then, beekeepers visited the field station close to the Institute, where
semifield tests on honeybees are performed. Methods of work and results obtained from these
tests during the EcoSyn project were explained and discussed with beekeepers.
Course got a great success and interest of beekeepers to this topic is illustrated by 68 signed
visitors (confirmation in attachment).
Speakers and professional guides to experimental station in field were Dalibor Titera,
Frantisek Kamler, Peter Keri and Martin Kamler from the Bee Research Institute Dol.

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