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Type: OTH
Size: 3 employees

Role in the project: Field trials on susceptible and resistant insects. Dissemination to farmers associations and to Regulatory Authorities.

Dewar Crop Protection  Ltd  is a SME located in the UK. 
The company was formed in 2006 by the Director, Dr Alan M. Dewar, who was formerly  employed within the agricultural research industry as an entomologist at three institutes,  the Institute of Grassland Research, ROTHAMSTED RESEARCH in Harpenden and  latterly for 23 years at Broom’s Barn Research Centre in Suffolk, which was then a department of ROTHAMSTED RESEARCH specializing in sugar beet research. Dewar Crop Protection provides consultancy services to the agricultural industry both within the UK and overseas. However, the core business of Dewar Crop Protection is carrying out field trials for the agro-chemical industry, to provide data in support of applications for registration of new products. To this end, Dewar Crop Protection has an ORETO (Official Recognition of Efficacy Testing Facilities or Organisation in the United Kingdom) certificate (number 332), which allows the data to be considered by the Regulation Authorities for this purpose. Dewar Crop Protection has extensive experience in doing trials in cereals, oilseed rape, sugar beet, potatoes, vegetables such as lettuce, cabbage and carrots, and turf. With an entomological background, trials tend to focus on pest problems, including insects (e.g. aphids, flea beetles, pollen beetles) and nematodes (e.g. potato cyst nematodes, beet cyst nematodes). However, in recent months, a number of herbicide trials on black grass that is resistant to herbicides have been undertaken, using the same principles of trialling, namely good experimental practice (GEP) following EPPO guidelines. As Dewar Crop Protection is very experienced in field trials especially for regulatory purposes, it is involved in  carrying out field trials with novel synergists/insecticides so as to use the trials as possible starting points for the possible development in view of the presentation to Regulatory Authorities.
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